Frequently Asked Questions

About the game

What is Do U Copy?

Do U Copy’s is a co-op asymmetrical VR Game. It’s a communication-based party game where two players need to collaborate to achieve their common objective. In the first scenario, both players are immersed in a bank heist. You can choose to play as the Robber (VR Player) or the Hacker (PC/Mac/Mobile).

On which device can I play the Thief?

You can play the Thief (VR) on Oculus Rift/Rift S ; Quest 1/2 ; HTC VIVE ; Valve Index and other compatible SteamVR headsets.

Where can I download the Hacker App? Do I have to pay for it?

Hacker App is free. Do U Copy’s license works as one per VR app. You can download the hacker App here :

How do I play to Do U Copy?

First things first, to play Do U Copy?, you’ll need to have a partner to play with. Since this is a coop game, there is only a 2-player mode at the moment : One being the Robber (VR), the other being the Hacker (PC/Mac/Mobile). If you have the possibility, we encourage you to switch roles afterwards so you get 100% of the experience.

On which device can I play the Hacker?

You can play the Hacker on Windows, iOS (iPhone, iPad), MacOS, Android phone and Android tablets

Can I play the Hacker on my VR headset?

Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment. You can only play as the Thief on a VR headset and the Hacker on a non-VR device.

About the release

What is a private Beta? Do I have to pay the game again once it gets released?

Private Beta means that there are a limited amounts of spots available while the game is still in early access state. If you buy the private beta, you won’t have to buy the game again.

Can I try it first?

Sure. Here’s a demo with all the files you’ll need (gameplay you see on it might not be up to date + The hacker app you find on our website won’t be compatible with the demo version) :

I purchased the game on one platform, can you send me codes for other platforms too?

Unfortunately, purchasing the game from a platform (like Steam for example) will not grant you access to the game on other platforms (such as Meta Store etc.). The stores exist separately and it is not possible for us to support cross-buy between them.

Why should I buy the Beta?

To get an early access of the game. The price of the game will increase slightly between early access and final release depending on the amount of content added. The current early access price reflects our appreciation for all those who want to support us and help us achieve a complete and enjoyable game to play with friends. You’ll also be able to give your feedback directly to the devs and helping it make it as enjoyable as possible.

When does Do U Copy? comes out?

Commercial release date is set for Q1 2022

Set up and bugs

How do I set up to play in an online coop?

Start a voice chat next to it (Discord, Call, Zoom…) so that you can hear each other and communicate at any time. In-game voice chat features will be available shortly after release. We also have « Private-room » channel.

I found a bug in the game, what should I do?

Thanks for your message, please, feel free to share it in the #bug-report channel in order to fix it. (If you can send us a clip it would be easier too)

Mobile doesn’t work correctly, what should I do?

We’re truly sorry to hear that, we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible. For the moment, please try with the PC/Mac version, it should be ok.

How do I set up to play in a local coop?

Make sure you are connected to the same local network, close enough to hear each other and cannot see your partner’s screen.

I’ve got some connectivity issues, what should I do?

Make sure to both be connected on a wifi network in order to make it work properly. If you’re using a public network, try switching to a private one. If the problem persists, feel free to reach us out to fix it.

I am stuck in a room and can’t do anything. What should I do?

Please report it in order to fix it. Close both apps (VR/Mobile) and launch it again, it should work properly. If the issue continues, send us a PM to discuss it.

Content sharing

Can I stream it on my YT/Twitch channel?

Yes! Make sure to send us a PM and so that we can give you the latest updates.

I’ve got some features ideas for the game, how do I share it?

You can use the #features-suggestion channel to share it and discuss it with us. You also can assist during a free radio and share your ideas.

Hey, I’ve got a cool run, can I share it?

Sure, you can share your run on the #videos channel on the discord. We’d love to see your performance!